String Stars LED Curtain Light Dekoratives Wasserfalllicht

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LED-Lampenperlen: 300
Schutzstufe: Ip44
Lichtstrom: 500 (lm)
Dimmen kann: ja
Steuerungsmethode: Stecken Sie ein
Farbtemperatur: 2700 (K)
Verwenden Sie Gelegenheit: Hochzeit Hintergrund Layout, Restaurant, Geschäftshaus, Zuhause, Fenster, Club, Konzert, Bar, Modenschau, Tanzsaal, Bühne usw.
Lebensdauer: 50000 (H)
Eingangsspannung: 220 (V)
Schalenmaterial: PVC
Modell: XG-BTD
Leistungsfaktor: 0,05W
Stromversorgung: 220V inländischer Flachstecker

  • Abmessungen: Verpackungsgewicht: 0,1000 kg
    Verpackungsgröße: 8,00 x 8,00 x 8,00 cm / 3,15 x 3,15 x 3,15 Zoll
  • Package Contents: Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Vorhanglicht
  • Farbe: Breite 3 Meter hoch 1 Meter herabhängend 12 120 Lichter warmweiß
  • Größe: Haushaltsstecker (220 V)

Christopher Dye

It covered and lighted a wide area of the underside of the car, this light is great for mechanic work because it can get warm on the back side of the LED housing, i've used other small `` halogen'' shop light that even getting close to it you can feel the heat and if you were to touch any part of the housing you will get burn, since the LED is very intense and being so close to it under the car, just a second glance at the intense LED light
gene g dodson

This lamp is great and I like all the different lighting settings that it provides, because I use it mostly on my desk I keep the light on the brightest setting, I am pleased that the LED lights do not produce many shadow lines where I normally do my writing, I had an LED light previous to this one that no matter where I positioned the shade it always had many shadow lines
Kent M.

I needed a light for my carport and looked at several ones and a friend of mine had a smaller version of this light but it was only white and I decided to get the multi color, it is a very bright light that lights my whole carport up, the different colors are a bonus because some colors don't attract bugs witch is great, you will not go wrong with this light for the price compared to other expensive led lights
Abbas Qureshi

We have a garage with no wiring and I use a outdoor power cord from an outside outlet from our house to bring light into our garage with LED Christmas lights and yes they did their job pretty well but now with these LED Outdoor String Lights it's like POW !! I have light in my garage that I can work in during the days when it's dark and dreary and I can come home at night and not stumble around to get to the house ... I wish I had seen these sooner but I'm still going to enjoy them now and for years to come

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